Client Testimonials


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Even though I met you at the end of my cat Infinity's life, I am so grateful that you were there to help him to the next life. As it is almost one year since his passing, I miss him everyday. I am so glad for your help. Thank You Kristi.

Karen W.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
I want to thank you again for helping Mama Kitty. I was so thankful that I was finally able to pick her up and pet her for the very first time in 18 years. I was also glad she was inside. Otherwise, she was too weak and a coyote would have gotten her, so I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Rebecca M.


Dear Kristi,
Thanks for your professional compassion. You made a difficult time for me much easier than I had expected. For quite a while, as Cody's health declined, I would tell him "Stay with me as long as you can, then I'll gently wrap you with all my love and have the angels take you into the light. I'll join you there later."
Thanks for helping me keep my word.



Dear Kristi,
It has been almost one month since Foxy passed away and it seems a bit unreal - the house is too quiet now.

We miss her terribly but know we did the right thing - and we couldn't have done it without you! You are a special person to do the work you do with so much love and grace.

Thank you,
Lynn and Howard


Dear Kristi,
Thank you so much for coming to our home to make our beloved Rottweiler, Buffy, so lovingly comfortable as she died.

You were a total blessing to my husband, Richard, and me. Honestly, you made it a beautiful experience that we've already shared with others. We miss Buffy so much and know you understand loving an animal.

The whole process was extra special because you're a bible believing Christian. That meant a lot. Thank you for praying with us and thank you for your awesome ministry. May the Lord bless you and your work!

In Christ,
Shari H.


Dear Kristi,
Thank you for your compassion and sensitivity. It was a difficult thing to do, but were happy that Jade left us in such a peaceful way.

Michele and David G.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Thank you so much for helping us say goodbye to our precious friend and companion, Dixie.

Bill and Linda M.


Dear Dr. Freeman
Just a note to thank you for your kind care and concern with our love, Lily Rose on April 27, 2012. Kevin and I continue to miss ALL the special things that Lily gave to us and although her passing is still difficult, we wanted to let you know that you made it much more bearable with your gentle and expert care.
You are truly an angel sent to care for God's creatures.

God Bless and take care.
Kevin and Marcy O.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Words alone cannot express how grateful we are for your help with Jack yesterday. We were so anxious for days and yet the real event was so peaceful and so blessed.

You helped us and Jack so much. You truly have a special calling and we wish you peace in all that you do. St. Francis is with you and your work. We will keep you in our prayers - blessings on you today.

Steve & Margaret G.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
We are still recovering from the loss of Maggie and Molly, but you ensured our last moments with them were as palatable as possible. Thank you for helping us through such a difficult time.

Warmest regards,
Joel and Christy


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Thank you so much for your compassion and care in helping us lay "Patch" peacefully to rest. You made a very difficult decision easier for us all. We will miss him, but we know our decision was made out of kindness and love.

Peace to you in your very important work.
Sally Z.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Thanks so much for all the love and support. It was difficult going through the replay of my own dog - but you made it so much easier. Thank you. You are a wonderful vet.

Michelle T.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Thanks for the professionalism, the kindness, endearment you displayed at such a difficult time. You bridged the gap and we acknowledge all you did.

David T.


Dear Dr. Kristi,
Thank you for your kind work. I appreciate very much that you helped me with Blackie when I needed that help so much. May God bless you in your work and in all you do. Thank you again. I am adjusting slowly.

Mary C.


Dear Dr. Freeman,
Thank you so much for your kindness to Patsy, David and myself with Patsy's transition to eternal life.

While we are so devastated and sad, your gentleness and kindness helped in knowing that we did the right thing.

Your contribution to the Morris Animal Foundation in memory of our precious Patsy was so appreciated.

Thanks again and God Bless,
Mary and David B.

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